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How to Move Data from Android to iPhone 8

How to Move Data from Android to iPhone 8

It is a great news for all of you who want to move your data from Android to your iPhone 8. Today you will not find difficulties because there is app Move to iOS from Apple that you can use to transfer your data in short time.

How to get this app? If you are interested to use this app, first you need to download this app. You can get this app from Play Store on your used Android phone. After that, you need to install this application and then continue and please accept all terms and conditions before you use this app on your phone.

move data from android to iphone 8

Your step is not finished yet, you still need to tap “Next” on your Android phone to continue the process and then on your iPhone, you need to tap “Continue”.

After this process, you will see 6 digit code that you must enter the code to your Android phone. It helps to connect between your Android phone to your new iPhone.

Your android phone will directly display list or all data that you want to transfer. If you want to transfer selected data, please make sure that you deselect it. When you are ready to continue to transfer the data, then you need to click “Next” on your Android phone again.

How to know whether your data is being transferred well or not? You don’t need to worry because you can check from your iPhone display. There is status of your data transfer and progress bar too.

After the transfer process was finished, you will find confirmation on your android phone and also on your iPhone. You should not close the app. What you need to do next is click “don’t have and ID of Apple” and you must read the next iPhone  8 manual.

For all of you who have iphone before, you can sign in with your Apple iD, but for all of you who don’t have ID, you need to back to your iPhone and then download the app to sync your data again. All terms and conditions will be shown on the screen and it is important to read all things first and then click agree after you understand all things.