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How to Bring Back Wet iPhone 5 Using Some Easy Steps

How to Bring Back Wet iPhone 5 Using Some Easy Steps

It often occurs that in spite of being careful along with your iPhone 5 you inadvertently drop this in swimming pool of water, have it soaked or perhaps drop this in a mess. It just slides out of your fingers and now that it’s soaked inside water, you are shedding all wish of recouping it or revive this. However, in order to, you can bring back your wet iPhone 5 through the use of some easy steps.

wet iphone 5

Fixing Wet iPhone 5 Tips

Read this write-up to discover basic steps for restoring wet iPhone 5:

  • Taking out the hardware

As fundamental as it seems to adopt apart the actual hardware of your iPhone however the most difficult job is to restore it all together. First of all, put your telephone in a carrier of natural rice for around 18 hours; make certain that battery is removed. You should go through the IFIXIT iPhone 5 guide to assist you with the actions involved in checking, clearing everything and then placing it again. First of all, you’ll require tugging off the screen as well as follow the instructions succumbs the guide. Next use a shrink air may to help dry out the phone as well as the surfaces exactly where it is still wet. Then with the entire IFIXIT guide put your iPhone back together again.

  • Get it all back again

Now this may well vary based upon your iPhone 5 situation but here’s what you can do to recoup some significant things:

  1. Hook your telephone to your PC or perhaps Mac
  2. Let it boot and also launch iPhoto to recover your own pictures
  3. Importance your video clips and photographs
  4. Check if the iPhone 5 is practical, the headphone jack, the particular speaker along with other function keys work if yes next check if the house button is practical, if absolutely no then again make use of compressed oxygen to setback off residual wetness from your telephone
  5. Wait for the screen to seem clear and look if the logos and also the apps are noticeable
  • Check for SIM

Usually, you might be asking yourself why there isn’t any connectivity or if perhaps there is challenge with hardware. There might be communications like absolutely no SIM card set up or absolutely no service. Because of this, you need to find out if the actual the issue here is with your SIM. With this, use your SIM within another iPhone to ascertain if it is practical. Likewise, regarding checking which everything using the hardware is OK you should insert the SIM card out of your friend’s mobile phone into your iPhone 5 and make certain if things are well using the SIM. That’s all about Fixing Wet iPhone 5 Tips.

How to Move Data from Android to iPhone 8

How to Move Data from Android to iPhone 8

It is a great news for all of you who want to move your data from Android to your iPhone 8. Today you will not find difficulties because there is app Move to iOS from Apple that you can use to transfer your data in short time.

How to get this app? If you are interested to use this app, first you need to download this app. You can get this app from Play Store on your used Android phone. After that, you need to install this application and then continue and please accept all terms and conditions before you use this app on your phone.

move data from android to iphone 8

Your step is not finished yet, you still need to tap “Next” on your Android phone to continue the process and then on your iPhone, you need to tap “Continue”.

After this process, you will see 6 digit code that you must enter the code to your Android phone. It helps to connect between your Android phone to your new iPhone.

Your android phone will directly display list or all data that you want to transfer. If you want to transfer selected data, please make sure that you deselect it. When you are ready to continue to transfer the data, then you need to click “Next” on your Android phone again.

How to know whether your data is being transferred well or not? You don’t need to worry because you can check from your iPhone display. There is status of your data transfer and progress bar too.

After the transfer process was finished, you will find confirmation on your android phone and also on your iPhone. You should not close the app. What you need to do next is click “don’t have and ID of Apple” and you must read the next iPhone  8 instruction.

For all of you who have iphone before, you can sign in with your Apple iD, but for all of you who don’t have ID, you need to back to your iPhone and then download the app to sync your data again. All terms and conditions will be shown on the screen and it is important to read all things first and then click agree after you understand all things.

Comes with No Home Button, You Should Learn the Apple iPhone X Guide In Order To Use Them to The Fullest

Comes with No Home Button, You Should Learn the Apple iPhone X Guide In Order To Use Them to The Fullest

iPhone can be already in order. Of course, this is good news for you who have been waiting for the arrival of the latest iPhone. Most importantly, prepare the budget and the guidance. You need this Apple iPhone X guide to be able to maximize all the features contained in this advanced gadget. Have a nice gadget but cannot optimize in using it, it is useless. Let us look at the following guidelines.

iphone x guide

Apple iPhone X Guide that Easy to Understand

Apple iPhone X has many advantages and new features. The most surprising thing is that this gadget eliminates the home button. That is the challenge of the user, so you must know how to operate the phone without the home button. You have to learn all the new touch gestures and button combinations below;

  1. Return Home
    It is the primary and most essential button feature, so you should know it first. It is easy! You just have to swipe from the bottom of the screen to the top.
  2. Wake it up
    iPhone X has been supported with easy and practical features tap-to-wake. You can simply touch the screen to wake it up, tap the side button, or you can also pick up the phone.
  3. Jump between apps
    To jump to another app, you can simply swipe the options along the bottom edge either to the right or left with ease.
  4. App switcher
    If you want to see all the apps, you are running, swipe from the bottom edge up, then pause your finger to keep touching the screen. Not long afterward, an app card will appear, after which you can just lift your finger and then swipe it.
  5. Closing the app
    Don’t too often close the app because it is not good. However, sometimes you need this way. iPhone X is different from other iPhone. The step is to press and hold the card until at the corner appears red symbol (-), then tap to close the application. It is similar to your step for removing apps from the home screen.
  6. Take a screenshot
    Press the side button along with the upper volume key.
  7. Reachability
    Go to Settings, swipe down from the bottom edge of the screen. Then, a small dark bar shows where the gesture area is located. With this step, the entire display will shift downwards, and you can reach the top of the app more easily.
  8. Notifications
    iPhone X has two motion options to find announcements. The first choice is to swipe from the top of the screen like any other iPhone and the second option is to swipe from the left side of the notch sensor. Choose which one suits your convenience.
  9. Invoke Siri
    It also has two choices. The first one is by pressing and holding the side button. The second one is by saying, “Hey, Siri!”
  10. Power off and S.O.S
    To get both, press and hold the side key and both volume buttons for a few seconds.
  11. Force reset
    Press the volume up key quickly, then the volume key down, press and hold the side key.

That is all the most necessary and essential Apple iPhone X guide. It helps you to know how to use the sophisticated gadget. You should know it before actually buying that when you use it, you do not feel in vain.

Revealing the Good Side of the Phone With iPhone 7 User Guide

Revealing the Good Side of the Phone With iPhone 7 User Guide

iPhone 7 user guide is very useful to make known everything about the description of the phone, especially iPhone 7. With this condition, you can know all good sides of the phone by learning it. Then, from it, you can also know the aspects and feature of the iPhone 7 in detail. So, don’t forget to find the user guide every time you buy the phone.

iphone 7 user guideAbout the user guide, it will also be effective to reveal the good side of the phone. It can be so because all specifications of the phone are described and written in there. So, when you want to find the good sides that can make you feel interested in using the phone, just read the description of the phone in the iPhone 7 user guide in detail.

Talking about a good side, there are some good sides which come with the iPhone 7. It can also be said as the superiority of the phone. So, let’s discuss the three good sides of the phone which can be a way to give satisfaction to the users.

Three Good Sides Based on the iPhone 7 User Guide

  • Earpods With Lighting Connector

After you buy and operate the iPhone 7, you may be surprised because you cannot find a hole of jack speaker. In iPhone 7, there is no a hole of jack speaker because Apple has changed it with lighting connector. It is great, isn’t it? So, this lighting connection can be used for both speakers and charge.

  • Fastest LTE and iOs 10

In this era, the faster of the internet connection for a mobile phone, the better the users will enjoy it. With LTE in the iPhone 7 which can reach the speed up to 450 Mbps is believed to be able to satisfy the user and make them enjoy browsing or operating apps using internet connection. So, there will be no problem for you to use internet connection using iPhone 7 about the speed.

  • Retina HD Display

With iPhone 7, you will also be able to see a very well display of the screen because of the existence of retina HD display in it. By being completed with retina HD display, you can spoil your eyes with the appearance of the phone’s display which shows a raising on the full-color gamut that is 25% brighter and touches HD.

Since there are many good sides of iPhone 7 which three of them mentioned above, it must make you think twice to buy another phone. The right side of the phone will also make you so attracted seen from some articles about it or from iPhone 7 user guide itself. So, get home the iPhone 7 and enjoy every superiority of it.

The iPhone 6 User Guide For Newbie

The iPhone 6 User Guide For Newbie

In this modern era, iPhone 6 user guide has been becoming more and more popular among people globally simply because there are many people\start buying and using this kind of phone. It cannot be denied that this guide is very advantageous for the iPhone 6 users because they will know all about it including how to operate this smartphone.

iPhone 6 User Guide to Start With

iphone 6 user guideIf you are looking for the information about iPhone 6 user manual, you might be able to read it in this article in this following details.

  • Set up your new iPhone. When you have inserted your SIM card, of course, you will turn on your phone. Soon, after you turn on the iPhone, you are going to see the screen says ‘Hello’ in many different languages. This will be your setup. Therefore, let you do what you want including choosing what language you will use.
  • Add Google, iCloud, Microsoft, Gmail, and other accounts. In this recent era, you must use many accounts to connect with the social media. Well, even when you use iPhone, you will need to create an e-mail account to download apps. It is easy; you just need to select the setting, account, and add accounts you want to. Usually, you will be asked to fill the data like your name, id, etc.
  • Make FaceTime video and audio calls. FaceTime is one of Apple’s feature which becomes people’s favorite. It can make both video and audio calls. Usually, before you use the FaceTime, you need to turn on your internet connection, whether you are going to use the mobile data connection or Wi-Fi, it is up to you. Go to the setting, choose the connection, and tap Wi-Fi.

The Main of iPhone 6 User Guide

Do you know how to download apps? Are you able to capture a picture using your iPhone? Well, here, in this article, will be explained more iPhone 6 user guide about those issues.

  • Use the camera on your new iPhone 6. If you like taking a photograph, you must be happy having this iPhone 6 because it has qualified camera device. When you want to take a picture, you just need to press the camera app on your iPhone, both front, and rear-facing. You might be able to select square or panoramic, photos regular, with built-in high dynamic range (HDR), filters, to video and slow-motion video, burst mode, etc. on the setting.
  • Download apps and games. Even though there have been many apps and games already installed on your iPhone, you might still download the other ones. That is why Apple provides the Apple store which you can download all apps and games you want without being worried of the viruses. Tap the Apple store, type the apps or games you want on the search menu, then you just need to tap download icon.
  • Set up Apple’s voice assistant. Sometimes, when you do not have much time to type the message, the voice assistant will be very useful. Apple has the voice assistant called Siri. To activate the Siri, you need to tap the setup Siri; then, turn it on. You will be asked to speak the phrases written so that the device can recognize your voice.

That’s all about iPhone 6 user guide which might be worth for anyone who needs or looks for the info about this topic.