Comes with No Home Button, You Should Learn the Apple iPhone X Guide In Order To Use Them to The Fullest

Comes with No Home Button, You Should Learn the Apple iPhone X Guide In Order To Use Them to The Fullest

iPhone can be already in order. Of course, this is good news for you who have been waiting for the arrival of the latest iPhone. Most importantly, prepare the budget and the guidance. You need this Apple iPhone X guide to be able to maximize all the features contained in this advanced gadget. Have a nice gadget but cannot optimize in using it, it is useless. Let us look at the following guidelines.

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Apple iPhone X Guide that Easy to Understand

Apple iPhone X has many advantages and new features. The most surprising thing is that this gadget eliminates the home button. That is the challenge of the user, so you must know how to operate the phone without the home button. You have to learn all the new touch gestures and button combinations below;

  1. Return Home
    It is the primary and most essential button feature, so you should know it first. It is easy! You just have to swipe from the bottom of the screen to the top.
  2. Wake it up
    iPhone X has been supported with easy and practical features tap-to-wake. You can simply touch the screen to wake it up, tap the side button, or you can also pick up the phone.
  3. Jump between apps
    To jump to another app, you can simply swipe the options along the bottom edge either to the right or left with ease.
  4. App switcher
    If you want to see all the apps, you are running, swipe from the bottom edge up, then pause your finger to keep touching the screen. Not long afterward, an app card will appear, after which you can just lift your finger and then swipe it.
  5. Closing the app
    Don’t too often close the app because it is not good. However, sometimes you need this way. iPhone X is different from other iPhone. The step is to press and hold the card until at the corner appears red symbol (-), then tap to close the application. It is similar to your step for removing apps from the home screen.
  6. Take a screenshot
    Press the side button along with the upper volume key.
  7. Reachability
    Go to Settings, swipe down from the bottom edge of the screen. Then, a small dark bar shows where the gesture area is located. With this step, the entire display will shift downwards, and you can reach the top of the app more easily.
  8. Notifications
    iPhone X has two motion options to find announcements. The first choice is to swipe from the top of the screen like any other iPhone and the second option is to swipe from the left side of the notch sensor. Choose which one suits your convenience.
  9. Invoke Siri
    It also has two choices. The first one is by pressing and holding the side button. The second one is by saying, “Hey, Siri!”
  10. Power off and S.O.S
    To get both, press and hold the side key and both volume buttons for a few seconds.
  11. Force reset
    Press the volume up key quickly, then the volume key down, press and hold the side key.

That is all the most necessary and essential Apple iPhone X guide. It helps you to know how to use the sophisticated gadget. You should know it before actually buying that when you use it, you do not feel in vain.

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