How to Slide Shutter Button to Control Zooming on Galaxy S8

How to Slide Shutter Button to Control Zooming on Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 has come with the new feature and appearances. One of them is the features on the camera or video app. Many of them can be organized just by touch it. The one easier thing that people will need is about the zoom setup. It is necessary to control the image you capture when you can’t move from the place you are currently. It is easy to manage the image appearances; you just need to slide the shutter button to control zooming on Galaxy S8. You can also do it for both video and camera. How to slide it?

galaxy s8 camera shutter

Easy way to Slide shutter button to control zooming on Galaxy S8

Just slide the way you slide the phone screen as usual, but it focuses on the left or right of the shutter button, or it’s up and downside. It all depends on the way you use the phone.
There is additional information regarding this. It is different in setting the zoom when you take the picture vertically and horizontally. If you take the photos in horizontal phone mode, you can slide the shutter button up and down for zoom in and zoom out. For vertical mode, you can slide in the right and left depends on the positions. It also works for the vertical mode. Left or right and down or up just depends on how you use the phone to capture the image.

This feature will not only help you to manage the image size and the photo that you want to take but also help you to control the distance. The zoom in and zoom out will not much affect the quality of the image. You can manage it easily. For more Galaxy S8 tips and tricks, i found site here

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